Rosa Lopez Eyebrow Makeover: Fulfilling a Dream!


Aesthetic Treatment for a Natural Look

This Monday, Rosa Lopez has shown her followers the latest aesthetic treatment she has undergone… and has left many of them open-mouthed! The artist is very close to her fans and does not hesitate to share with them her health and beauty recommendations, as has happened in the case of the popular semi-permanent tattoo technique she has tried on her face. This is microblading, one of the most popular methods to give new life and symmetry to the eyebrows without having to resort to makeup, since the result lasts more than a year. Rosa has confessed that she was looking for a natural result that would help her improve the thickness and design of her eyebrows.

A Professional Study Before Starting the Procedure

Before starting the procedures, the professionals study the client’s eyebrows to create a “simulation” of how they would look, something we can see at the beginning of the video. The artist also shows how the treatment is carried out: fine needles are used to make micro cuts, which are filled with pigment, hair by hair. At the end of the session, the eyebrows are much darker than they will be when they are healed, and she joked saying “what a scare I have taken. But you will see them, I have fulfilled one of my little dreams”. We show you the video!

A Delighted Result

At the end of the video, Rosa shows herself without makeup on different days to show how they progressed over the days. On the third day, she shows that the eyebrows had lightened quite a bit: “the black tone that scares us at the beginning is going away, and then they will look super natural”. “For me it was important because of the profession I dedicate myself to. I am delighted, yes, the next one,” she admitted. Undoubtedly, the result was as she expected.


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