Rosa Perrotta reveals: “A difficult birth, I vomited two times. Then a collapse after the birth Dodo”

Childbirth is certainly a magical time, but it is also a phase in the life of a woman is very complicated to manage. Knows Rose Perrotta , who today tells of the difficulties of cesarean section which was submitted for the birth of Dominic, had from Peter’s Presents at the end of July. Complications that have had ricupercussioni in the weeks following the operation, so as to make them live a little collapse.

Rosa Perrotta tells the story of the birth of Domenico

Rosa is confident that, come to the 41st week of pregnancy, went to a hospital, where the medical staff has deemed it necessary to proceed with the caesarean delivery. “The task is heavy, racconterei nonsense if I say that it is simple and light,” confides the former tronista of ‘Men and women’. “I have puked two times while I worked”. “The strength to react you give the maternal instinct to hug him”, then goes on.

But the difficulties do not end with the birth of the Dodo (this is the nickname of the baby). In the following days, in fact, the pain you are done stabbing: “I had excruciating pain the next few days (…) When I tried to get up I was missing the air”. A physical situation that has inevitably led to psychological consequences: “I have had a few crisis, a small slump because I always stay up”.

Already a few weeks ago, Rosa had explained: “we Were all in anxiety to the fact that the child was born. I went to the clinic for a checkup and the doctors have said that I had to be monitored. The forty-first week I have practiced the caesarean section because the amniotic fluid began to decrease and the baby was great. This operation was not planned, but was done in order not to put at risk the health of my son.”