Rosa Perrotta: “The caesarean section has caused me excruciating pain, I had moments of crisis”

Rose Perrotta, who is now the mother of the little Domenico, said the Dodo, the last of July. The former tronista of Men and Women, and castaway Island of the Famous, that you are enjoying the maternity leave, has decided to tell its fans the experience felt at the time of the birth of the baby, and in the following weeks. She underwent a caesarean section, which has strongly proven:

I have done a caesarean section, almost of urgency. We went to the hospital the day before giving birth for the pain, hoping that he decided to quit. Instead, nothing. That same evening, the liquid is decreased and the fetus began to go on suffering, so the doctor decided to give me a cesarean the next day at 7 in the morning. The operation is heavy, I would say nonsense if I say that is simple and lightweight. I have puked two times while I worked with epidural anesthesia.

The aches and pains felt after the birth of the Dodo

The arrival of Dodo was an immense joy for Rose and Peter’s Presents, the partner should get married in winter. The after-effects of childbirth, however, were difficult: “What gives you the strength to react to it the desire to embrace it, the maternal instinct. Despite the excruciating pain”. Determined to get back on their feet quickly, has had to deal with excruciating pain in the wound left by the caesarean section.

I, being very dynamic, a few hours after the birth, I was already made to remove the catheter and drip, and I had chosen to not take too many painkillers. During the days in the clinic, every time I tried to pull myself together, for this injury I was literally in the air. A stabbing pain. But once I got up suddenly to go to him and I will have forgotten the pain, this is the maternal instinct. I have had a few crisis, a small slump but because I always stay to the maximum.

The advice of Rosa Perrotta

Finally, the right-back wanted to share it with his hearers some tips on ways to recover physically after giving birth: “To get back in shape, it is necessary to bring the pancera, I put it for 30 days. Also breastfeeding helps you get back in shape. Eat healthy. With this wound, it takes even six months to return as before, it is not a walk. The tissues should heal well. Do not worry if you do not return immediately as you were before”.