Roschdy Zem Sarah Lavoine: Rare Date Night, Couple Enjoys Roland-Garros.


A Rare Outing

This was a very rare outing for two that must have done them some good! On Sunday, June 11th, 2023, under the heat and Parisian grey sky, actor Roschdy Zem and his companion Sarah Lavoine enjoyed a little tennis break by attending the Roland-Garros final between Novak Djokovic and Norwegian Casper Ruud. And if the match proved full of surprises, the couple made the most of it! Camera in hand, the comedian seemed passionate about the game, wearing his black cap and sunglasses. Often astonished by the beautiful points, he couldn’t help but talk to his date of the day, probably about the strategy and the show that was presented to them. Radiant in her yellow shirt, the decorator also enjoyed the match but also took the opportunity to shower her life partner with kisses for several years now, in the presence of Elsa Zylberstein or Clovis Cornillac, around them.

A Remade Family

And with whom she forms a beautiful remade family: if the actor is the father of Nina and Chad (who will be 25 and 20 years old in 2023), the interior decorator is the mother of three children (Yasmine, 25 years old, Roman, 16 years old, and Milo, 13 years old) born from her previous union with the singer Marc Lavoine. And it was in fact Roman, the youngest, who had already accompanied her a few days ago at the Porte d’Auteuil for a day at Roland-Garros. Very close, mother and son had attended several matches together, as they do regularly. Marc Lavoine had also spent a day with Roman during the fortnight. But this time, it was with her lover that the beautiful forty-year-old had decided to enjoy the day. Almost officially confirming their relationship: if they have been together for several years now, they almost never appear together. Last year, they had made a small exception to the rule for the funeral of singer Dani, arriving together at the church. Apart from that, discretion is their motto!

The Future of Cinema

Yet the couple has a big common point: their eldest daughters seem to have taken the path of comedy. Yasmine Lavoine, in fact, played in the series Kepler(s) with her father Marc Lavoine, as well as in the TV movie Big Five. Nina Zem, on the other hand, had a role in her father’s latest production, Les Miens. Two young girls of the same age … who represent the future of cinema!


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