Royal Babies: Princess Charlotte & the 5-Second Rule


When it comes to royal babies, even the most ordinary occurrences can become news, and if it happens during the Coronation of Charles III, it is even more likely to generate a stir. This time, the centre of attention is Princess Charlotte, the second child of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Last Monday, during an event hosted by the Upton Scout Group in the town of Slough, she picked up a piece of bread that had fallen while she was eating and put it into her mouth. The British media quickly jumped on the story, stressing how even princesses know the so-called “five-second rule”, which suggests that food quickly taken from the floor would not be contaminated by bacteria. In reality, this is a “rule” with little scientific basis, which does not take into account all the variables of the case, from the type of food to the type of surface on which the food falls, thus making it difficult to evaluate whether and when it is safe to put something in your mouth after an accidental drop. This is especially true for the 8-year-old Charlotte of Wales, who ate food that had fallen on the grass, wet from the rain the day before, and stepped on by many others.

The fact is that everything related to this young princess, who celebrated her birthday on May 2, captures the attention of people at home and abroad. It may be due to the remarkable resemblance to her father William at the same age, the composure of a little Lady, demonstrated even on the occasion of the coronation of Charles III, where she showed off a look of a perfect “mini me” of her mother Kate, or simply the curiosity to know who or what she will become when she grows up. We know that she is an avid sportsman (gymnastics is one of her passions) who loves outdoor life and dancing: she has been dancing since she was three years old. The rest is private, as it should be at her age, as it would be right not to scrutinize every step of hers, in the name of that normal childhood so dear to her parents.

Considering this and other episodes, it is even more understandable why Prince Harry, at one point, said “enough” for himself and for his children. In California, far from everything and everyone, Archie and Lilibet are growing away from the cameras, and no one makes a fuss about a piece of bread. This is the real fortune of royal babies.


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