Royal Families: Salma & Sasha Graduate Together, Defying the Current


After the wedding of their daughter Iman and the upcoming nuptials of Prince Al Hussein and Rajwa al Saif, King Abd Allah II and Queen Rania of Jordan celebrated the graduation of their third daughter Salma. The 22 year old had completed her studies at the Southern California University, and the Queen, beaming with pride, shared her joy on social media. “I can’t wait to see what you do next,” Rania wrote in utmost happiness. Salma, however, wasn’t the only famous graduate of her class. Her classmate was Natasha Obama, known as Sasha, the second daughter of former US President Barack and his wife Michelle.

Sasha Obama graduated in California ©IPA. The two families, the Jordanian royal family and the Obamas, preferred to live with more discretion the graduation of their daughter, even if then, through social media, the pictures of the day leaked anyway. Neither Salma nor Sasha have official social media accounts and take good care not to share their respective lives with the rest of the world, as do Princess Iman and the other Obama daughter, Malia.

Completely different routes from those of the so-called “nepo babies”, raised in famous families and ready to take advantage of their parents’ fame to gain their space in the world of celebrities. Salma and Sasha, not surprisingly, chose to study away from home. Sasha Obama chose California to escape the curiosity of gossip, just like Chelsea Clinton, who opted for Stanford and then for Oxford.

It is not a novelty for the members of the Jordanian royal family to complete their studies abroad. Who knows what the next goal of Salma and Sasha will be. For now, needless to say, it’s top secret. The two royal families, the Obamas and the Jordanian royals, chose to keep the graduation of their daughters under wraps, and their daughters, Princess Iman and Malia Obama, take good care not to share their lives with the public.

Unlike the other famous “nepo babies”, Salma and Sasha decided to study away from home. Sasha opted for California to avoid prying eyes, similarly to Chelsea Clinton who went to Stanford and then Oxford. What will be the next step for Salma and Sasha? It remains a mystery for now.


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