Royal Lodge: Prince Andrew Refuses William & Kate Middleton Divorce


Prince Andrew has been left with little or nothing of his royal life in the wake of the Epstein scandal and subsequent legal troubles. Nevertheless, the Queen Elizabeth’s fourth-born is determined to keep hold of what he still possesses, above all the Royal Lodge of Windsor. This property, where he has resided for over two decades, is where he has enjoyed a content life with his daughters Beatrice and Eugenie, as well as his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, who continues to live there with him. As reported by the well-informed Daily Mail, Prince Charles III has asked his brother to give up the residence, estimated to be worth 30 million pounds and spanning 90 acres. Andrew, who signed a lease in 2003 after the death of the Queen Mother, who lived there until 2002, has no intention of leaving. In fact, he would like to maintain the agreement for as long as possible, so that his grandchildren could live at the Royal Lodge one day. According to a source who spoke to the tabloid, the lease could be extended for another 75 years. Andrew is worried that the palace may take away the funds to keep the property, but at the same time, a friend told the Mail on Sunday that “He feels down and refuses to move.” It is speculated that the Princes of Wales and their three children, who last autumn left Kensington Palace to move permanently to Windsor, could become the new tenants of the Royal Lodge. The family currently resides in Adelaide Cottage, which is significantly less grand than the Kensington Palace apartment, as well as the Royal Lodge. The question of who will occupy the property lies in the funds necessary for its upkeep. Until the end of 2022, Andrew received an allowance of around 250,000 pounds a year from the monarchy, but this was decreased at the start of 2023 due to his no longer being a senior royal. Another potential residence for him could be Frogmore Cottage, which Queen Elizabeth gave to Harry and Meghan on their wedding day. For the moment, a resolution has yet to be reached that will satisfy everyone, but a compromise could be made for the good of the family.


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