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Royal siblings George, Charlotte, Carlo, Anna: strong bond.

Similarities between George and Charlotte and Charles and Anna

The comparison came easily to royal watchers when they saw George and Charlotte together in the royal box at Wimbledon for the 2023 men’s tournament final won by Carlos Alcaraz over Novak Djokovic. The two eldest children of the Prince of Wales appeared close and complicit, just as King Charles III and his sister Anna have always been, who is still among the members of the royal family closest to the sovereign, most trusted and most involved in the activities of the Royal Family. George and Charlotte are less than two years apart, like Charles and Anna, and have spent their childhood in private and under the spotlight. There are photos from the 1950s with the two children in Malta. The king and his sister have common interests and passions, such as Scotland, the countryside and a shared sense of humour. The two couples also seem similar in character, with the females being more outgoing and noisy, compared to the males. It is said of Prince George that he is very friendly behind his reserved character. Charles has always been known for his shyness. Charlotte and Anna’s leadership qualities have been highlighted many times, even from a young age. Just think of how Charlotte supervised little Louis at her grandfather’s coronation. On public occasions, she is the one who shows the most confidence. Anna has said she knew from a young age that she was second, but she adapted to the role. In a statement released in September 2022, she said: “I am very grateful for the support and understanding given to my dear brother Charles as he accepts the additional responsibilities of monarch”. The then Prince Charles with Princess Anna during the Trooping of the Colour ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

William and Harry’s Relationship

Nothing to do with the icy relationships that have been going on for years between William and his brother Harry, who in the book The Spare has told how he has always felt a spare for his brother, the youngest, simply a reserve.



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