Royal Squires at Carlo’s Coronation: Captivating Half the World


At the coronation of Charles III, the attention of the public was naturally directed towards the sovereign and the royal family. But two royal squires, Johnny Thompson and Rob Dixon, also managed to capture the attention of those present. The Daily Record reported that the ladies were “distracted” from what they should have been looking at on coronation day. Thompson, squire of Queen Elizabeth and then of Charles, was always close to the sovereign, almost like a shadow in full uniform with the kilt. He was seen talking to Prince George who held his grandfather’s mantle and he also appeared behind the royal family during the salute on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. His presence had already been noticed by the royal fans in 2022, after taking part in the events following the death of Elizabeth II. Since then, the hashtags #majorjohnnythompson and #majorjohnny, accompanied by flattering comments, have multiplied on Instagram. But the ladies can rest assured: the attractive squire of Charles – nicknamed “Johnny Eye Candy” – is not available, having been married to Caroline since 2013, who also gave him a son. Nothing is known, however, about the emotional situation of the other beautiful royal squire who distracted the ladies during Charles’s coronation: Rob Dixon. He is considered a “dandy” due to his well-groomed outfits when he is not in uniform. Dixon, squire of William and Kate Middleton, is an officer of the Royal Navy “specialized in maritime aviation as a qualified helicopter instructor and Wildcat HMA Mk2 pilot”, a competence shared with William. From his online CV we discover that he graduated in 1997 from the Grammar School of Amersham, then attended the Joint Services Command and Staff College of Shrivenham, and served in the Royal Navy for almost 22 years. Since the royal squires have become the new object of desire of the royal fans, soon even this private detail could become public domain. Johnny Thompson and Rob Dixon, the two royal squires, have certainly managed to capture the attention of the public at the coronation of Charles III.


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