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Royal Wedding: Ludwig & Sophie-Alexandra Wed in Monaco

The majestic union of Ludwig of Bavaria and Sophie-Alexandra Evekink has been the talk of the town for months now. It was last August when Sophie-Alexandra was seen wearing a large emerald ring, which sparked rumors that the couple were engaged. The royal wedding ceremony took place in the church of San Gaetano in Munich, where the streets were filled with hundreds of people wanting to get a glimpse of the newlyweds. Ludwig, the eldest son of Prince Luitpold and great-grandson of the last King of Bavaria, Ludwig III, graduated in law and was trained for royal duties. He then relocated to Africa to set up a software startup to educate and train young people. His wife, born in Singapore to a Dutch-Canadian family, has a degree in Criminology and is currently doing her PhD and teaching at Oxford. She has also worked with international government and non-governmental organizations, including the United Nations.

The future of the royal couple remains a mystery. Will they live between Africa, the United Kingdom and Germany? Will they have many children as their future grandparents hope? One thing is for sure, the day Ludwig becomes the head of the Wittelsbach dynasty, he and Sophie-Alexandra will move to the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, thus beginning their life as royals. Other royal weddings to look forward to this year include that of the daughter of the Sultan of Brunei, Princess Azemah. The royal wedding of Charles and Camilla will also be a true celebration, marking the end of the Crown 6 series.

This is a fairytale ending, worthy of any storybook, for Ludwig and Sophie-Alexandra. The world is eagerly awaiting the next chapter of their royal wedding.



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