Royal Wedding: New Details Emerge About Carlo and Diana’s Disastrous Honeymoon


-The royal wedding of Charles and Diana, a marriage proposal that was the least romantic ever

It was already evident that the union of Charles and Diana would be “a calamity” even before their honeymoon. During the first ten days of their honeymoon, the newlyweds sailed around the Mediterranean on the royal yacht Britannia, and there was nothing romantic. This is revealed in a new book by Bertrand Meyer Stabley entitled Charles III, the Unloved. According to the book, Diana was already suffering from bulimia and on the boat she would only vomit. “She ate and vomited, every day, several times a day. This was supposed to be the most joyous and romantic moment of her life,” writes Stabley. Charles was disgusted with his wife’s problems and after the honeymoon he told Camilla: “I smelled this vomit smell during our whole honeymoon. It made me sick to my stomach. It only took me a few days to figure out what was going on. She must be stupid to think I didn’t know what she was doing.” Diana was unhappy and so was Charles. The situation got worse when Diana, alone in the Britannia suite, wanted to peek into Charles’ diary that had all the royal appointments. Two photos of Camilla fell out of those pages. It is easy to imagine the fury of the newlywed. Even more so since the current Queen of England had already sent her to the royal wedding. As Lady D was walking down the aisle of St Paul’s Cathedral, she saw the rival right away and “was shocked”. From that moment on “the only thing she could focus on was the image of Parker-Bowles sitting in church”. It is no surprise that Diana was so angry, especially since the marriage proposal was the least romantic ever. Charles asked for Diana’s hand on February 3, 1981 in Windsor, without even kneeling down as tradition dictates. After proposing, “he ran away without even hugging Diana,” as royal biographer Christopher Wilso declared in the 2019 documentary Charles & Di: The Truth Behind Their Wedding. “He did nothing of what one expects from a marriage proposal. He called his mother and very simply told her: ‘Done. You told me to find someone to marry, there she is.’ “A dismal start to an unhappy marriage and “a bit too crowded” (due to Camilla’s presence) that ended with a stormy divorce in 1996. -King Charles III and Queen Camilla, after the coronation it’s time for vacation -Inside the new portrait of King Charles III with William and George, the kings of tomorrow -Kate Middleton, who at the royal wedding “refused to bow to Queen Camilla” -The marriage of Charles and Diana, a marriage proposal that was the least romantic ever


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