Ruffini: “I apologize to Diana Del Bufalo I made to suffer, his pain is not to me indifferent”

Paolo Ruffini is ready to get back on tv. Tuesday, January 7, in fact, Italy1 will leave more space to the first episode of the programme ‘the beauty and the geek, and vice versa‘. In an interview with the weekly ‘Chi’, the conductor and the actor has spoken about this new television experience, but also of the love story with Diana Del Bufalo.

Ruffini speaks of the break with Diana Del Bufalo

Last month, Diana Del Bufalo has announced on the social the end of the love story with Paolo Ruffini. The actress has remarked on the “immense suffering” and “the great disappointment” that accompanied the break. In this regard, Ruffini said: “If I’ve made mistakes, and caused suffering, I apologize, but, in fact, and out of respect to her, I promised that I would not have spoken. But this does not mean that it is indifferent to the pain, indeed”.

The beauty and the geek (and vice versa), from 7 January

Paolo Ruffini stated his intent of ‘The pupa and the geek (and vice versa)’ will be the one to laugh with people and not the people. Not going to ridicule its competitors: “Not because it would be bullying, but because if one sees the pictures of Gandhi and does not know who he is, there is no need to add anything else”. He anticipated some of the guests that will be visiting me in the studio:

“I’m like a scientist who analyzes it under the microscope these bizarre beings with various types of maladjustment, but the challenge of this edition is to take the trash in the first half, there will be guests such as Aldo Busi, Barbara Alberti, Giampiero Mughini, Cecchi Paone, I tried to put the tenderness, everything will be different”.

Finally, he was asked if the competitors are to perform or do not really know a few basics. Paolo Ruffini explained: “This is the great misunderstanding of the television of today, do not distinguish the true from the probable, because everyone feels like a star. Neorealism did say the people taken from the street, but in their awkwardness, and there was the truth, there is nothing more authentic of improvisation, there are blunders that would not be so good if they had written”.