Sabine Azéma’s heartbreaking separation from cherished home after terrible loss: Years of grief.


Adapting to Life’s Changes

She is back on the big screen in Bruno Podalydès’ new comedy “Wahou !”. In this real estate farce, Sabine Azema plays a woman determined to sell the property she shares with her husband. And doesn’t life sometimes imitate art? It’s a funny coincidence for the 73-year-old actress, since she is currently in the midst of paperwork and transactions. “My father died a few months ago,” she explains in the newspaper’s columns. “There was the real estate agent, a couple of buyers…” It is never easy to get rid of a real estate property. Nor to cope with the blow of mourning. These last months have not been easy for Sabine Azema who, already, lost the love of her life in March 2014.

Finding a New Source of Joy

“In recent years, I lost my parents, a sister, Alain Resnais, then the person who came into my life after Resnais,” she recalls. “Being happy requires effort, talent. You have to kick the mud to get back up.” Sabine Azema married Alain Resnais in 1998. Together, they formed a nice couple of cinema, in life, sometimes on screen. Fortunately, her actress life keeps her afloat, and she gladly accepted to play, for the third time, for Bruno Podalydès – she was in the cast of the movie The Mystery of the Yellow Room in 2003 and The Perfume of the Lady in Black in 2005. This last one is a great friend of Sabine Azema. He was also very close to Alain Resnais. “At our place, it was an open table,” she remembers. “Bruno often came to dinner with our group of friends, Dussollier, Arditi. Alain considered him as his spiritual son. Their films are like no other. They are two playful, unique filmmakers…”

Continuing the Legacy

Read the full article in the June 6th, 2023 edition of Le Monde.


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