Sabrina Ghio is unleashed on the social: “the Expulsion from the restaurant that does not accept children”

Sabrina Ghio, ex-the face of ‘Friends’ and ‘Men and Women’, he narrated an episode that would have happened in Sardinia, in a restaurant of Poltu Quatu, which would not have welcomed her, the companion Carlo Negri and daughter Penelope to the presence of the little girl. Through the stories Instagram, the woman is hurled against the local for the treatment which he had received, telling in detail what had happened, and thus arousing the reactions of the follower.

“We’re in Sardinia, at the Tanit. A restaurant of Poltu Quatu, which until a few minutes ago I considered wonderful. I don’t want children, at 10 in the evening one can not eat with the children. Tell me if one should come in Sardinia, if not it is better to go to go to Ibiza, Formentera or Mykonos,” says Sabrina, adding that it would have been the owner of the Tanit to dislike the presence of children: “This man deserves to have more people to dinner. You families, you moms that come in Sardinia, don’t go in that place, this lord, if not for them deserves your money”.

“Yesterday I was very angry, seeing Penelope offense. We are upset because she felt humiliated. If some sardinian felt offended I apologize, my mother is there, I was hurt,” she added, still Ghio a few hours after the first story, thanking the fans for the messages of solidarity received, but also stating that you have not wanted to offend the sardinian tourism, as by its previous assertions could have been intended.

The replica of the restaurant: “it is Not true that we do not take children”

Different version of restaurant Tanit. Contact from the Fanpage.en, the spokesman of the local, indicated by Sabrina Ghio as a place in which you do not agree to the children, has firmly rejected the accusations of the Ghio and he spoke of a misunderstanding. “After this storm of media are all doubled bookings. It is not true that we do not take children. I don’t know who he spoke to that lady. We are not replicating, I’m sorry for the lady because we try to accommodate everyone. It was a misunderstanding”, they did know from the local.

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