Sabrina Paravicini, the hair grows back after treatment: “it Is beautiful, pound us the finger”

Sabrina Paravicinthe continues his battle against cancer and how for eight months, this part does not hesitate to publish on his profile on Instagram every small step that takes this long and painful path. The last post of her intent to caress the hair, a significant and particularly important for the woman who will not give up in the face of suffering.

The last post on Instagram

The actress, who suffers from breast cancer has been recently subjected to a surgery is very invasive, after which began the cycles of radiotherapy, after having already dealt with the extensive cycles of chemo. The pain is constant, but the desire to show how important it is to fight these difficult moments he pushed Sabrina Paravicini to share every moment with his followers, inspiring them through his message of hope and an immense force. How not to share, then, an important moment, a small goal, such as the growth of the hair, which, finally, can again caress, as she herself writes next to the video posted a few hours ago: “Tired. Already in the bed. It is beautiful to fondle the hair, and sink your fingers up to the root. Listen to the music to Be Kind. Good night to you all”.

Hair growth after chemo

Already a few days ago, the actress had shared a positive thought to the demonstration of the fact that, sometimes, the pain can be relieved by small satisfactions such as the regrowth of the hair, until a few months ago covered by the colourful turbans that the actress wore on the head. Although the difficulties and challenges are still many, you perceive, drifting a slight happiness in the words of Paravicini, who wrote:

After eight months without a hair, this morning I wake up and I find myself disheveled hair! Disheveled hair! Thrown into confusion! I pitch a hand through his hair. I try to adjust them happily in difficulty, I look like a cactus 🌵 it will be difficult to keep them in place, it will be very difficult to make them grow. Who knows when ricomprerò a bottle of conditioner or use it again the hair dryer. But today is happiness to finally be disheveled hair! Good Sunday to you all

The documentary on the disease

Not only via Instagram, the former star of “A doctor in the family” wanted to talk about his illness, but also through a feature-length film which has posted some excerpts on his profile. It’s called B33 and it is a documentary in which the actress talks about her path to healing. It is not the first time that the Paravicini engages in the role of director, having edited BeKind, the docu-film starring his son Nino, who is affected by Asperger syndrome.

Tired. Already in the bed. It is beautiful to fondle the hair, and sink your fingers up to the root. Listen to the music to Be Kind. The beautiful music of @pierosalvatori_ 🙏🌷 good night to all of you 😊

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