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Sabrina Perquis cancer: Shattered, she announces she has cancer.

Sabrina Perquis’ Heartbreaking News

In 2011, TF1 viewers discovered the beautiful Sabrina Perquis in the 5th season of Secret Story. Her secret? “I live with someone else’s lung”. Already badly damaged by life as a sufferer of cystic fibrosis, the young woman was fortunately able to benefit from a transplant that allowed her to continue her life normally. But misfortune continues to lurk as, this summer, doctors discovered another illness… Cancer.

A Diagnosis Confirmed After 48 Hours

On Thursday 24th August 2023, Sabrina Perquis took control of her Instagram account to announce a heartbreaking news. After a simple check-up, doctors detected a well-hidden cancer. Today, the beautiful woman must take a lifelong treatment. “From ‘you’re doing well’ to… it’s CANCER’. On 3rd July, I went to have my lungs checked as I do regularly. At the end of the consultation everything was ok, my pneumologist then wished me a nice summer with a big smile. 15 minutes later I went to have a thyroid echo at the request of my diabetologist who had felt something at the palpation without talking much about it (so as not to worry me). When performing the examination, the doctor began with: ‘Do not move, I see something’ then ‘we must do a biopsy but for me it’s CANCER…’

A Fight Body and Soul

For the former reality TV contestant, who is now a mother and who had regained her smile every day, this news is like a bombshell. “I was alone that day and I collapsed on the spot. I then went back to the pneumologist where my nurses picked me up in pieces. After 48 hours, the diagnosis was confirmed and everything went very quickly: appointments, examinations, meeting with the surgeon, upheaval of treatments, discussions with my pneumologists…”, she continued to explain. Determined to fight body and soul, she nonetheless assures that she will not give up, even if her main anxiety is related to her transplant. “It is a cancer with a good prognosis that is cured in 90% of cases and believe me, I measure the chance I have because apart from a new scar and a treatment to take for life, my femininity should not be too impacted… The most annoying thing is that there are risks of rejection for my transplant”, she lamented. To conclude, Sabrina Perquis confides that she has just come out of a major operation and that everything is going well. Enough to reassure her many fans! “I asked myself how I was going to manage. Obviously, I did not want to lock myself in the displeasure and stay inactive. I did my best to enjoy my summer in the middle of medical appointments and preparation for surgery..”



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