Sandrine Bonnaire weight loss after split with US celeb.


A Love at First Sight

In 1991, Sandrine Bonnaire met American actor William Hurt on the set of Luis Puenzo’s La Peste. Their love at first sight was immediate and the couple became parents a few years later of a daughter named Jeanne, born in 1994.

A Tough Break-Up

Unfortunately, the love between the actor and the actress faded and they finally decided to separate. A tough break-up for the actress of the movie Est Ouest who had revealed to a magazine in 2010 that she had gone through hypnotherapy to recover from this painful separation. “It was mainly a body work. I went there to recover my body. I had lost a lot of weight, I had no appetite, I was very weak. I had to find a way to boost myself,” she confided.

A New Relationship

Since 2018, she has been in a relationship with jazz musician Erik Truffaz. Moreover, Sandrine Bonnaire later underwent psychoanalysis, following the violent assault she experienced with one of her former partners who had smashed her jaw. “Yes, a few years later, but I didn’t go there to “do psychology” or to get to know myself better. I know who I am. And, even if I have dark areas, weaknesses like everyone else, I am aware of them and I don’t suffer from them. I went to see a psychoanalyst to solve a very specific problem: I was traumatized by an attack I had experienced. I was broken, in every way. I had to repair myself,” she told, evoking the ridiculous penalty of her ex, two years of suspended sentence.


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