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Sandrine Rousseau in Epic Bike vs Taxi Brawl – Stunning Images

Sandrine Rousseau Intervenes in Altercation Between Cyclist and Taxi Driver

If we are used to seeing politicians get heated up in the hemicycle these days, this time it was on the road that an emblematic deputy made her mark. On Monday 12 June, a video was broadcasted on social media, in which a cyclist and a taxi driver were arguing violently, even coming to blows. The scene took place in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. While the two men were fighting, several people tried to intervene. Among them? Sandrine Rousseau, EELV/NUPES deputy. This video, published by the content creator Altis, shows a taxi slightly hitting the rear wheel of a bike. “Pedestrian priority, you c*n!“, the cyclist shouted. “But then, you stop like that in front of me, get out of the way,” the motorist retorted. “It’s a pedestrian crossing, shut your g*e!“, the cyclist shouted angrily, before various people rushed to the two men to calm them down. On several occasions, Sandrine Rousseau was heard chanting “stop! Stop!”. The person filming the scene, completely shocked to see the deputy, said: “But what the fuck?” With a lot of courage, the politician did not hesitate to intervene, even risking receiving blows.

Passers-By Step In to Calm Down the Altercation

After several minutes of negotiation, Sandrine Rousseau, along with the other passers-by, managed to calm the two men down. Contacted by Le Parisien, the EELV/NUPES deputy returned to this surreal scene. “It was Sunday morning, I was going to do my shopping at the market in the 13th arrondissement when I started to see an altercation on the road. I don’t know what happened at the beginning, I didn’t see. I did what I had to do, like any citizen,” she said, referring to her intervention between the two men. At the end of the altercation, Sandrine Rousseau, somewhat out of breath, was thanked by many cyclists. The politician will remember this Sunday 11 June 2023 for a long time.

Sandrine Rousseau Applauded for Her Courageous Intervention

The deputy’s courageous intervention was applauded by many cyclists and passers-by. Sandrine Rousseau, in her own words, stated that she did what any citizen would have done in this situation. She even risked receiving blows in order to calm down the altercation between the cyclist and the taxi driver.



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