Sanremo 2020, the beauty look of the first evening

That is blessed on the first bet of the Sanremo 2020. Said Fiorello (or Don’t like Matthew?). Certainly not Amadeus, the official presenter, appeared on stage with a snap of the fingers. Opens, a bit, between the sacred and the profane, the 70th edition of the Festival of Italian song. The evening long, which has seen pull on the stage of the Ariston, guests and singers, beauty look refined, but a little crackling. Bomber in the field, to put the Diletta Leotta, the loose hair styled in soft waves of co-tenants, and the neckline is breathtaking Elodie.

On the bench: collected, braids, tails and the eye make up too elaborate.

The first news is that Diletta Leotta blonde is really like. Do not declare it herself, but it makes sense, with irony, during the sketch of the faux connection to the field edge: the panel behind it was plastered with the logo “AB-the Association of the Blondes Italian”. And then, to tell you the truth, just look at it with attention: her golden hair are clear. There is more to it. Just as the blonde pop star Jennifer Lopez for the premiere of the movie “Hustlers”, Diletta Leotta has chosen for her debut on the Ariston stage in a dress the color of yellow gold. The touch of extra light? A lot of dust glow on the cheeks. Maybe a little too much…

The nice thing about having a breast mini? It’ll be explained Elodie, who made his debut on the stage of the Ariston theatre with a sweetheart neckline and dizzying, showing so much bare skin without being absolutely vulgar. Indeed very very chic!

There is no cut average that over the years he has managed to convince Romina Power change your look. Even Bellucci-bob was quite powerful. On the other hand, as taught by Meghan truman gates, long hair, gives them force. Also to save Albano by a potential slip on the stage of the Ariston. You say little? Chapeau Romina!

A certainty. More an icon. The maestro Beppe Vessicchio back to conduct the orchestra of Sanremo 2020 for the performances of the Vibration and the audience welcomes him with applause super warm. And a lot of affection for him, comes also from social. Happy to see his very graying beard in the early evening on Rai. There was a failure. Miss rogue…

Certain loves never end, they make turns huge, and then return #Sanremo2020

— Maria De Filippy (@defilippi_m) February 4, 2020