Santiago Pedraz Baby: Gender & Name Revealed for Elena Hormigos’ Baby


A New Chapter for Santiago Pedraz

Santiago Pedraz is going through one of the sweetest stages of his life. Last December, shortly after his controversial breakup with Esther Doña, the judge regained his enthusiasm with a young bank employee called Elena Hormigos. Four months after they met, it was revealed that the couple was expecting their first child together.

A Much Desired Baby

The judge of the National Court will become a father for the fourth time (the first with his young partner) of a boy they have decided to call Jacobo. A much desired baby who will be born next November and of whom we know more and more details. Despite the fact that Pedraz and his girlfriend maintain a discreet profile and there are few appearances since his future paternity was revealed, his entourage has revealed to the newspaper ‘El Español’ the sex and name of the little one.

A Name with a Special Meaning

Santiago and Elena are expecting a boy, who will join the three sons that the judge has from two previous relationships (Santiago Jr and Alejandro, from his marriage with Marisa Martín; and Nicolás, with Paula Arenas Martín Abril) and the name they have chosen for the new family member is Jacobo. A name with a very special meaning: “Whom God protects”, whose origin and meaning is the same as Santiago, which derives from the apocope of Santo and Jacobo in Hebrew. Information that Pedraz, faithful to his discretion, has confirmed with a smile, limiting himself to revealing that Elena, pregnant for four months, is “well, well”.


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