Sara Affi Fella you tattoo a sentence ungrammatical and replication to the criticism: “I don’t give a fuck**”

There is no peace for Sara Affi Fella. Did not have time to subside the uproar over the scandal of the false choice-made ‘Men and Women’, which the young man finds himself once again the center of attention of the people of the social networks. But let’s go with order. Sara Affi Fella decided to make a new tattoo. So, after you have chosen a phrase that lives on to never give up, the influencer has shared the result on his profile on Instagram.

The tattoo wrong

Sara Affi Fella has published the result. In a photo of her back, you note written on the tattooed: “For those like my who never give up“. The intention was to impress on the skin-the English translation of the sentence: “For those like me who never give up”. The sin that neither the former tronista of ‘Men and Women’, nor the tattoo artist to have noticed the error in the sentence tattooed. That ‘my’ means ‘my’ and not ‘me’. The correct version is: “For those like me who never give up”.

The response of Sara Affi Fella at the irony of the users

The error has not escaped the users have flooded the social network of Sara Affi Fella with comments of criticism and irony. The young, however, are not at all decomposed. In a short video posted on Instagram Stories has assured that you would not be left to tap from their words, because a tattoo is wrong you can remedy but wickedness no:

“I don’t give a fuck** of what you write because you are so sad and so poor inside. Maybe a tattoo wrong you can also fix it. Unfortunately, however, to your malice no”.

After replicated to the people who are laughing at, she went again to the tattoo artist and has corrected the error present in the sentence. Then, he up to date everybody that follows: “We have already done, we have solved, we have the wrong guys, you are wrong, it happens”.