Scandal Benjamin Griveaux : the man who claims the dissemination of videos breaks the silence and explains

Benjamin Griveaux is in turmoil : videos of a sexual nature, that are attributed to him but which have not yet been authenticated, circulating on the net. Images that would have been revealed by a Russian artist, which is explained on his gesture.

Valentine’s day is not going to be as planned for Benjamin Griveaux. In this Friday February 14, the faithful collaborator of Emmanuel Macron has announced that it is withdrawing from the race for mayor of Paris. The reason for this ? Videos compromising, which would show masturbating, have been disseminated on social networks. These last, which have not yet been authenticated, would have been sent to a young woman whose identity remains unknown. The former spokesperson of the government would have had several exchanges with her, some messages leave little room for interpretation.

“You want me to feints your video yesterday ?… What a chest ! “one can read in one of the videos in question. A case which has done much to respond the political class, the latter deploring the great majority the dissemination of these intimate images. For his part, the politician of 42 years just to react. “As for me, I don’t want to expose us more, me and my family, when all shots are now allowed, he said during a press conference. This goes too far. This is why I decided to withdraw my candidacy to the municipal election in paris. This decision cost me a lot but my priorities are very clear, this is first and foremost my family you will understand, and then this is the project to Paris, the one that we have built and for which we are much beaten. This project, today, he will be better off without me.”

A man said to be the origin of the dissemination of images

But while the veracity of these videos is yet to prove it, a man says that he is at the origin. With the newspaper Liberation, the Russian artist Piotr Pavlenski has claimed responsibility for the Thursday night broadcast of the images. “This is someone who permanently relies on the family values, who says he wants to be the mayor of the family, and always mention the example of his wife and children. But it did just the opposite. It doesn’t bother me that people have the sexuality they want, they can even fuck animals, no problem, but they must be honest. But he wants to be the leader of the town and he’s lying to the voters. I live now in France, I’m in Paris, it is important for me”, he explains. A gesture he would have done in order to reveal the true face of the companion Julia Minkowski, a father of three children. He could have obtained these images of a “source” who had a relationship granted with Benjamin Griveaux, details the daily life.