Scandal Benjamin Griveaux : the most famous cases of sex in politics

This Friday, February 14, Benjamin Griveaux announced that he would not run for the municipality of Paris. This prominent member of the Republic in march is alleged to have sent videos of his private parts erect to at least one woman. If the videos have not been authenticated, the scandal is there.

Sex and politics have often been linked. Believe that the power disconnects of life, allowing you everything and (sometimes) no matter what. A good number of politicians have crossed the pink line and pay yet today the broken pots. In an interview given to Paris Match on the occasion of the release of his book dangerous Games at the Elysée palace, the Catherine Rambert by analyzing the thing of the kind : “Two psychologists have spoken to me. And the politicians have a pathology of dictators. They are very infantilized, very immature. Everyone thinks that politics is very hard to live, and it is true, but there are some gratuities to the men. They are galvanized by events in front of thousands of people, they live surrounded by a court. They are capricious, and cut off from the realities, happy boors. The case of DSK was the tip of the iceberg, but there are a lot of small DSK in power, full of small boar. It is paradoxical that these are the men, responsible for passing laws in favour of equality, do not behave well with the women. Women are an instrument of power. One of the women that I interviewed told me : as Soon as there was an official reception, it comes to the evening gown and it is that has “seduced” the most beautiful. “

The predators elected

Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the case of Nafissatou Diallo

Big favorite for the 2012 presidential election, Dominique Strauss-Kahn sees his hopes elysian collapse suddenly on 14 may 2011 when the american police intercepts in a plane ready to take off from New York to Paris. Grounds of arrest : sexual assault on Nafissatou Diallo, a maid at the Sofitel where the ex-strongman of the IMF was. After a trial internationally and a forced residence in New York, the ex-boyfriend of Anne Sinclair who ended up signing an amicable agreement with his accusatory, which was withdrawing its complaint in a civil action. Invited to comment on this case in the face of Claire Chazal on TF1 in September 2011, Dominique Strauss-Khan confirmed that he had had an “inappropriate relationship” with Nafissatou Diallo, qualifying the relationship of the ” moral failing “.

Out of business in the United States, it is in France that a new complaint for sexual assault is designed so the ex-mayor of Sarcelles. The journalist Tristane Banon accusing him of attempted rape in 2003. The public prosecutor of Paris decided not to prosecute the politician for attempted rape, but reveals that the accused has acknowledged the facts that can be qualified as sexual assault on the young woman. The complaint is closed with no action.

In February 2012, the name of Dominique Strauss-Kahn appears again in the case of the so-called ” Carlton Lille. “He is accused of” pimping, aggravated organised “. The deal will be three years before the man politically broken to be released.

Today, Dominique Strauss Kahn was economic adviser to several african nations. His return policy is no longer topical.

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

Newly elected President of the United States in 1993, Bill Clinton is accused of sexual harassment by Paul Jones, one of her former aides when he was governor of Arkansas. It is during this first trial that the name Monica Lewinsky will be cited. After an agreement has been found between the head of State and his accusatory (850 000 $), the trainee of the White House becomes the epicentre of a new case.

Swearing under oath in January 1998 that he had never nothing past of sex between him and Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton ravisait in August of the same year, admitting that he had had “an inappropriate relationship with miss Lewinsky” and that he expressed his ” deep remorse “.

The name Bill Clinton is mentioned again in November 2017 in the case of Harvey Weinstein. The press announced that four women had filed complaints for sexual assault against the one who became the husband of Hillary Clinton.

Silvio Berlusconi and the RuubyGate

Man of media became elected as the Italian, Silvio Berlusconi is several times quoted in the business, mixing politics and parties are fine with underage girls. In may 2009, his wife Veronica announced her intention to divorce, revealing that the father of her children ” frequented minors “.

January 2011. The public prosecutor of Milan accuses Silvio Berlusconi of having had sex priced with a dancer moroccan so minor : Karima el Mahroug, nicknamed Ruby. There is a question of nights, dubbed Bunga Bunga, during which the Cavaliere received in his villa North of Milan prostitutes “offered” by the family of Silvio Berlusconi. Out blanched (for the moment) of the Rubygate, the man of State has not been able to do anything for his two friends generous that come from bailing of several years in prison…

Anthony Weiner and his photos hot

Elected to the house of representatives of the State of New York from 1999 to 2011, Anthony Weiner is quoted in a number of cases of sexting (pictures with sexual sent by SMS or private messages on social networks) from the month of may 2011.

Then accused of having sent a photo of himself naked via his Twitter account in the spring of 2011, it disappears from the political radar for a few months and will try to get back on the front of the stage in 2013. A woman of 22 years old accuses to him to have sent a new nude photo in July of this year. What push Anthony Weiner to disappear completely until 2016, where he is accused of having sent a new picture hosea at a minor 15 years of age. The November 6, 2017, Anthony Weiner is sentenced to 21 months in prison.

By way of conclusion to these few instances of sexus-politicus, we include Bernadette Chirac, who wrote in his book Conversation : “When my husband went into politics, this is where I lost it “… The power can go as crazy as the sex…