Scandal Benjamin Griveaux : the reaction of Emmanuel Macron when he announced his resignation

This Friday, February 14, Benjamin Griveaux announced his resignation to run for the mayor of Paris. Before formalizing its decision, the applicant was obliged to inform Emmanuel Macron. Check out the reaction of the president of the Republic.

Coup de théâtre in the race for municipal. This Friday, February 14, Benjamin Griveaux announced that it would withdraw from the race. The member of parliament of The Republic On do brig over the city of Paris. In question ? Videos that are not authenticated and attributed to the former candidate has been aired on social networks on the evening of Thursday 13 February. These show the sex of a man erect and masturbating. Wanting to protect his family, Benjamin Griveaux has therefore announced its withdrawal. A choice, in reality, imposed by Emmanuel Macron ? That certainely. This is indeed the main person who wanted to resign.

It was the reaction of Emmanuel Macron ?

On the other hand, it was obliged to inform the president of the Republic, before formalizing their choice in a press conference, this Friday 14 February. “Benjamin Griveaux has been the president of the Republic last night to tell him of his decision. Emmanuel Macron, which has been perfect, these are the words of Benjamin Griveaux, advising him to first of all protect his family, and to act in freedom, ” assured the journalist of BFM TV Barthélémy Bolo.

In contrast, there was no question to speak on the merits of the case. “Is it that it is the presumed author of these videos ? He does not want to neither confirm nor deny ” reports the journalist, stating that his lawyer will speak in the morning. Now is the time for the meetings of the crisis. Now a question arises : who will replace Benjamin Griveaux and launch into the campaign for municipal paris ?