Scandal Benjamin Griveaux : this is not a first for the team of Emmanuel Macron

Benjamin Griveaux is currently at the centre of a scandal after the broadcast of a video-committal, which is assigned to it. A controversy not reminiscent of that aroused by the crazy night of Christophe Castaner in 2019.

This is the crisis at the HQ of campaign of Benjamin Griveaux. This Friday 14 February, the applicant LaREM to the mayor of Paris has officially withdrawn its bid after the dissemination of a video, not authenticated, of a pornographic nature. On the images, shared on social media and attributed to the mp, one sees a man masturbating. A scandal in the countryside, the municipal which would have gone well, the politician, who has cancelled all of its planned interventions in the media.

It is finally in front of cameras BFMTV that the former spokesman of the government Macron has responded to the controversy. “As for me, I don’t want to expose us more, me and my family, when all shots are now allowed, he said. This goes too far. This is why I decided to withdraw my candidacy to the municipal election in paris. This decision cost me a lot but my priorities are very clear, this is first and foremost my family you will understand, and then this is the project to Paris, the one that we have built and for which we are much beaten. This project, today, he will be better off without me.”

The scandal too ?

The last straw for the government of Emmanuel Macron, who had already had to deal with a scandal following the little night escapade of Christophe Castaner. As we revealed exclusively last year, the minister of the Interior had spent a crazy night with a young woman while France was plunged in the midst of a crisis of the yellow Vests. Saturday, march 9, 2019, after yet another act of protest, the politician decided to decompress at Noto, a trendy restaurant, located on the floor of the salle Pleyel, paris in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

Accompanied by an attractive woman of thirty years, named Clara, the husband of Helen was left to go until the end of the night. An evening very caliente during which Christopher Castaner has been photographed and filmed kissing and hugging, the former advisor of The Republic in March. A skid which had not been appreciated at The Elysée. This time, the President would be accompanied, ” advising to first protect his family, and to act in freedom “