Scialpi refuses the Big Brother Vip: “To me, the cachet minimum, other fees mind-boggling”

John Scialpi triggers the controversy and lets it be known publicly that they have refused to participate in the Big Brother Vip after the proposal received from the production of the reality show, which he considers not appropriate. Scialpi has posted a video on Instagram in which he tells the story that would have been offered a cachet lowest compared to his expectations: “I have offered a reward that you give to strangers while I know that deal with compensation, mind-boggling, evidently, for the Big Brother not worth that much”.

The cachet of Scialpi and the arrow Loredana Lecciso

Scialpi does not name names in the video posted on his profile Instagram, but in a passage seems to refer to Loredana Lecciso, a former companion of Al Bano Carrisi, who had already expressed interest in the possibility to take part in the new edition of the reality show, the first conducted by Alfonso Signorini. According to Scialpi, in cases of this kind would have been treated fees higher:

Now it’s almost official, I will say no to Big Brother Vip because, obviously, they offered me the minimum, what it does to the unknown, while, on the contrary I see that the cachet is given to… Rather, we do so the next time, just ask me to do the GF, I run into the clinic, I put two nice tits, like, a fifth, spouse Albano or someone famous and I do the fig***so I will have the chance to make the Big Brother with a cachet.

The cast of Big Brother Vip Signorini

There are several characters that would have already been approached by the production of Big Brother Vip in view of the possibility to take part in the reality. In addition to Loredana Lecciso, the list could include the former tronista Lorenzo Riccardi, Ilona Staller, Adriana Volpe, Claudia Galanti, Fernanda Lessa, Arianna David, Eva Robin’s, Kabir Bedi and Fanny Cadeo.