Ségolène Royal is soon fired from his post of ambassador of the poles ?


It has the force of criticizing the government, Ségolène Royal will eventually lose its position as the ambassador of the poles. The political woman, already warned by the executive, received a letter that prompts him to be silent… or to pack a suitcase.

In 2017, Ségolène Royal became ambassador in charge of international negotiations on the arctic and antarctic poles. A position she has held since with more or less attendance : as revealed Checknews last September, she had attended any meeting of Senior Arctic Officials, the forum of cooperation of States with territories in the Arctic. A month later, a survey of Radio France, it was suggested that she had used ” the means placed at its disposal by the ministry of foreign Affairs for a priori far from their original purpose “, including for the promotion of his book. But it is not these small arguments that have the most edgy among his superiors. Its attacks, in the course of the last few weeks, on the policy of the government, have clearly been much more of annoyance.

Ségolène Royal soon trip ?

On January 12, Elizabeth Terminal had made a caution on BFM TV : “I think Ségolène Royal is going to have to make a choice : either she wants to remain ambassador, and of course there is a duty of reserve, or she wants to have his freedom of speech,” said the minister of the ecological Transition, and solidarity. On Tuesday 14 January, The Canard Enchaîné reported that the ministry of foreign Affairs, which depends on the position of Ségolène Royal, was chosen in his place : the ambassador of the poles would have already been ” convened at the Quai d’orsay for dismissal.” The Parisian is more nuanced : “According to our information, the ex-minister […] has received a letter prior to his suspension.” It would be a ” letter box threatening “, and a ” last warning before possible dismissal “.

A source close to the government has entrusted to the Parisian that the email was perfectly justified : “there is a real subject of reserve duty, and it has not done the job in his mission. In the name of what would she be above the law ? “But Ségolène Royal is not of this opinion :” They want me to resign, but I will resign not. I filled out my duties. They take their responsibilities ! “For a member of parliament of The Republic in march interviewed by Le Parisien, the return is risky :” Macron is very upset about. […] It must quickly get out, with the risk of the institute as an opponent for 2022. “The rumors of candidacy of Ségolène Royal in the next presidential election steadily increasing : it just started a tour of support among candidates in the local elections. And for many observers, this has all the aspects of a start to the campaign…


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