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Selena Gomez, Jeremy Allen White Dating?

Rumors of a New Relationship

Selena Gomez, who was shouting until last month in a video posted on TikTok that she was single and free as a dragonfly, may now be dealing with a new relationship. Once again it is DeuxMoi who starts the gossip, but indirectly, almost like a riddle without names and surnames but full of clues that, in a very short time, would have led the sharpest fans to guess the alleged couple in question.

The Clues That Led to the Rumors

The cryptic (but not too much) message reads: “A Golden Globe winner, recently separated, who recently saw the second season of the show that sees him as the protagonist, is having a new relationship. He met this very famous singer/actress during a shoot for the cover of Vanity Fair and, since she returned to the United States, they have stayed in contact.” Jeremy Allen White? Is that you?! Let’s see: Golden Globe winner? Check. Recently separated? Check. The actor was recently photographed without a wedding ring, symbol of the marital bond he shared with American Horror Story actress Addison Timlin, mother of his two daughters Dolores (2 years old) and Ezer (4 years old). Recently the second season of the show that sees him as the protagonist? Check. The second season of The Bear has just arrived in preview on Hulu. Appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair? Check this time too! Guess who with? Well yes, Selena Gomez, who, look, is a “very famous singer and actress”. The two may have met during the shoot. In that case, congratulations to the “Cupid” colleagues.

No Confirmation From the Parties Involved

It should be said that these are only intuitions and (so far) there has been no confirmation from the parties involved. Stay tuned!



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