Selena Gomez leaves Instagram: “I’ll Take a break from the social, have become unhealthy for the young”

Selena Gomez back to talk to him for choosing to leave Instagram, or at least to freeze its relationship with the social platform more popular and used in this historical moment. In spite of its 152 million followers, second only to Cristiano Ronaldo, the singer said during an interview at the Independent, having deleted the application from your mobile phone, keep away for some time from the virtual life:

I’ll take a break from social media – said – again. Even though I am grateful for the voice which will give to each one of us are equally grateful to be able to take a step back and live real life and the moments that I have available.

Selena Gomez recalls, in fact, as it is not the first time that he decides to undergo a period of abstinence from the social media platforms. “I think it became really unhealthy for young people, including me, spend all your time staring at those comments. Instagram made me feel depressed, bad about myself, made me see my body differently.“ This does not mean that they will interact more with his fans, because he has kept the possibility of continuing to have contact with his audience: “I have it installed on another person’s phone, and when I want to share something with my fans, I do it from there.”

There is no doubt that the one that comes Selena Gomez has been a complex period. Last October, the singer, in the course of a week, was hospitalized twice: the first hospitalization at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, because of a low number of white blood cells in the blood, linked to kidney transplant which was submitted a year before.

Sent home after a few days of hospitalization, Selena Gomez has then been forced to return to hospital at the beginning of October, due to the persistent deficiency of white blood cells. Held by the doctors in spite of his intention to return home, the artist’s original Grand Pairie would have exploded, suffering an emotional breakdown. The singer was then taken to a psychiatric clinic on the East Coast, where several days is subject to a therapy, dialectical behavioral, consisting of a combination of individual and group psychotherapy. A treatment in which Selena Gomez had already been submitted in the past.