Selfie and the sun: Gigi and Bella Hadid warm summer Mykonos

Scalding temperatures in Mykonos. Set fire to theatmosphere on the Greek island, as if that was not enough the scorching summer sun, here are the sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid, with a series of stunning costumes that have the mandate to wow the fans. The two supermodels american, respectively, 24 and 22 years, have flown in the Cyclades, on the occasion of the birthday of her step-sister, Alana, who on the 27th of July he has made 34. She also, on Instagram, has appeared in a bikini, high leg, but nothing compared to those flaunted by the famous Architects.

Gigi, in fact, alternating a costumino orange flou, worn with a sensual pose in front of a swimming pool, with a more dark with white inserts, even more high-cut: the moral of the tale, almost five million of like in the two photos, and over ten thousand comments. Numbers more content for Bella, who has, however, half of the followers of the sister (25,2 against 48,8): between the two, however, the child of Hadid was confirmed that the greatest risks, with a micro bikini clear sgambatissimo and a whole costume super sexy.

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In the garden of a private villa with her friend Fanny Bourdette-Donón, the two top, you are very relaxed , taking the sun on the sun loungers. Then Bella stood up and started to take photos with his smartphone: the first few selfie, and then began to immortalize Bill placed on a wall, with the wind heaved the cover. “Steady so“, seemed to tell her the little sister. Then it is put in the knee to look for the best perspective, while the other controlled the look, reflected in a window.

Momentarily away from his love, The Weeknd, Bella is finally left hypnotized by a cat, near the beach: “A love story”, she wrote on Instagram. While stroking it, he remained motionless, the shadow: on the other hand, you know, the weather in Greece these days, it is particularly warm.