Serena Enardu against Pago: “it did Not happen anything serious, the council to sell who-knows-what”

Continue the war at a distance between Serena Enardu and Pay, the former couple broke out in Temptation Island, back together after a few months – after the participation of the singer in the Big Brother Vip – and then broke out finally a few days ago. From that moment on, it is a continuous call-and-response via newspapers and social between the two, with Serena Enardu that, at least at the moment, it is taken as the last word on some of the stories on Instagram. Skipping the ones that update the fans on the bites of the mosquitoes, in fact, Enardu responds, never to mention it to the ex-boyfriend, who had alluded to anything too serious that had happened and that he would no longer be allowed to trust him.

The response of Serena Enardu

The response of the ex-girlfriend came in close around with some videos on Instagram: “I entered on Instagram and I saw a fuck**and in the world. It embroiders on the events in a way embarrassing, but oh well who cares. Now I understood that or the people concerned, or for them, to use any of these council unclear to make people believe who knows what, and then maybe one day he’ll be revealing. ‘Happened a very serious thing that maybe you know if in the end you say immediately, but then it is better not to, better than you think. Phew… that pallee! But it is not happened anything, guys! Just nothing of nothing. Well anyway, by the. There are those who need these the council to sell who knows what and who knows when”.

The separation between Enardu and Pay

The reference of the woman is probably in a book announced by the singer in which seems to reveal the truth about their history: “I was disappointed. I will speak when I can feel it. At the moment I have to rebuild my life once again. I can only say that Serena’s confidence can’t talk” he had declared the payment to Whom and at the same newspaper had against answered Serena Enardu: “our story was a sick. I felt a ‘terminally ill of love’ that he couldn’t pull the plug. To be clear, I am a lucky person, however, I stopped struggling with the ghosts. My. Its