Serena Enardu: “First I was afraid, but today would marry Pago”

Serena Enardu speaks for the first time to True, after the elimination from the house of ‘Big Brother Vip’ of his troubled history with Pag that says, “first I was afraid, but now the old habits”.

“A lot of times Pay we have talked about marriage, but I was always afraid because I saw him only as the signature of a contract. Today, however, put it immediately that signature to be sure that it is my” clarifies the former tronista talking with Silvia University in the interview broadcast on Channel 5 Saturday 22 February: “my entry to the Gf Vip was a bit misunderstood. There is a prejudice on the part of the public that thinks that in that situation there you go only for visibility. I went there only for the Pay. At the beginning,” he continues, “the public decided to take me out of the House, and I, ” I agree. Then, however, I have seen the suffering and at that point I decided to enter. I was afraid that he could convince himself not to want more, and I began also to feel a bit of jealousy towards the other competitors.”

A child with Pago? “The thought of having another frightened me to death”

The question on the desire to have a child with Pago, Serena, already a mother of a teenage boy who had a past relationship, confides: “The father of my son left me in the first month of pregnancy, so the thought of having another child frightened me to death. Pago would have wanted, as I wanted too but then the experiences they put you in the conditions of not to live more truly to what you want but what you want”.

Finally, with regard to the experience of Temptation Island, Serena confides: “After Temptation Island Pag has suffered a lot, and I apologized. I don’t want to know if it was with other people. I have never betrayed and I’m sure even he me, put my hand on fire”.

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