Serena Grandi in the process, would not have paid the bill of a resort from 700 euro

Serena Grandi is on trial, accused of not having paid the account to a resort where he lodged last year with then-boyfriend Luke Iacomoni. The actress has been sued by the property. The first hearing was held in Arezzo on the 18th of December, with the prosecution represented by the public prosecutor, Bernardo Albergotti. The process, however, has already been postponed to June 25, 2020 for the hearing of the witnesses and the judgment.

The allegations against Serena Grandi

According to the indictment, the facts of the proceedings against Serena Faggioli – art Serena Grandi – that date back to June 25, 2018. The actress and columnist would have stayed with Iacomoni in a resort of Santa Firmina near Arezzo. After spending the night in the tree, the couple would leave without paying for an account equal to 741,59 euros for the overnight stay and the cleaning of the room.

The legal trouble of the past

The rimini lived already in trouble with the law in 2003, when she was arrested in the context of an investigation for drug trafficking and was accused of possession and trafficking of cocaine. The Large was then acquitted even prior to the beginning of the process, and admitted the purchase of drugs in small amounts for personal use. Those 157 days under house arrest and remain for her an indelible memory.

No comment from the Big

From the social pages of Serena Grandi is not got no comment on the current proceedings to Arezzo. The actress, in recent times, has expressed an explicit sympathy towards Matteo Salvini. A closeness of thought which is increased after a theft in the house and that prompted you to manifest the intention to apply to the party league. I wonder if the process of arezzo will likely scuttle his ambitions and policies. Instead, as regards the relationship with Luke Iacomoni, his last partner official, this was concluded from a long time away from the clamor of gossip, after that the two seemed to be arrived one step away from marriage.