Serena Williams 2nd Pregnancy: Long-Awaited Moment Arrives


Serena Williams is Expecting Her Second Child

Serena Williams wrote on social media, “I have waited a long time for this moment. I am destined for this,” alongside two pictures of her pregnant, with her belly exposed by a green micro top. The former tennis champion, 41 years old, is very close to the birth of her second child. Recently, Serena Williams and her 40-year-old New York entrepreneur husband, Alexis Ohanian, revealed the gender of their second baby with a social video called The Big Reveal, confirming the pink bow of their second baby. The new arrival will find a 6-year-old sister, Olympia, who will turn 6 on September 1st.

Serena Williams Confirms Her Pregnancy

Serena Williams herself gave the news of her second pregnancy, waiting until the evening of the Met Gala to confirm to the public that she was happily pregnant. The hope is that the trauma of the first birth will not be repeated. Serena Williams told Vogue USA about her very painful experience immediately after giving birth (by cesarean section), in a long autobiographical story published by the magazine. The former tennis player almost died of a pulmonary embolism immediately after giving birth to her first daughter, Olympia, due to some blood clots. The athlete also opened up about the psycho-physical fatigue of postpartum, sharing some of the moments of despair she experienced during the very first weeks of Olympia’s life. Today she considers her best friend.

Serena Williams’ Story

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