Séverine (alias I am a coach) offers a course of cardio and live on the page Facebook of Here

It does not change the good habits taken during the confinement. Saturday 23rd of may, a new appointment of live sport is offered to you on the page Facebook of Here at 17: 30. It will be moderated by Séverine (aka I’m a coach) and his playlist always so special.

There are a little over a month, Here launched its very first course live sports on Facebook. Moderated by Séverine (alias I am a coach on Instagram), the event brings together every Saturday in the late afternoon many people in front of the screens. It must be said that the philosophy of the coach in sport for 40 years at all. “There are people who need to get yelled at for doing sports and it is not me. There are people who want to understand and work in a playful way, it is more me. It is necessary that there is a approach sport fun. I work with lots of kindness, lots of laughter and it doesn’t mean that this is not effective, we had it entrusted to you. I’m trying to create a course playful, depending on what I want to take you. It is necessary to trust me. I don’t want people to stick to targets or pressure. “Mission successful, since it is with a smile (and a playlist 80’s) that it makes you sweat many internet users every week.

Your coach Séverine will be live on Facebook at 17: 30

You feel that you still have not given up on The demons of midnight ? Do you want more ? That falls well ! Séverine has concocted a new session of sports fun this Saturday, may 23rd. The program this time : cardio. Just remember to bring a pair of sneakers, a mat (the thick towels or pillows do the trick), a bottle of water. Without forgetting, of course, your motivation and especially your good humour – two essential elements for this course ! Same day, same hour, Séverine gives you to seeing you again this Saturday at 17: 30 live on the page Facebook of Here.