Sextape of Benjamin Griveaux : his only meeting with Alexandra of Taddeo has not gone well


Heard by the investigators, Alexandra de Taddeo has made new revelations in the case of the alleged sextape of Benjamin Griveaux. She explained that it was not she, but the politician who had made the first step. It, moreover, has not enjoyed their first physical encounter.

Difficult to disentangle the true from the false in the matter of Benjamin Griveaux. Since the scandal broke – with the dissemination of videos of a sexual nature -, Alexandra de Taddeo has changed several times version. It, that has confirmed to be the intended recipient of the images, was first described as having been retained by revenge. As was revealed in Le Parisien, she would not have appreciated the attitude of the political man, 42 years old, she would not have seen only once since the beginning of their exchanges. But in police custody, the law student, 29-year-oldhas been given another explanation. It would have actually stored these videos, filmed in may 2018, for the sole purpose of ” protecting “. But this is not the only point on which the information diverge. The encounter between the two protagonists, she, too, is at the heart of all the queries. Although it has been argued that it had made contact with the former spokesperson of the government via Facebook and Instagram, it seems that the reality is slightly different.

Alexandra de Taddeo would not have enjoyed his encounter with Benjamin Griveaux

When questioned by investigators, Alexandra de Taddeo has refuted the hypothesis that it would be a ” escort girl “. Far from it : in fact, it is Benjamin Griveaux that would have came in contact with her via Instagram in may 2018. “It follows, he adds it to his list of subscriptions, flattered by the enthusiasm of his political comments. And then they discuss in private, ” says The World. First by message, then by videos. However, the young woman from Metz assures us : the close collaborator of Emmanuel Macron ” does not please him physically “. She accepts yet to meet him, and even invites in her apartment, located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. “An appointment which she went out not happy”, according to his companion Piotr Pavlenski. Without revealing more, the passionate in the country to which Putin simply stated that there had been ” no violence or conflict “. For the time being, the young woman was under investigation for “undermining the intimacy of private life by recording or transmission of the image of a person with a sexual nature”.


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