Sextape of Benjamin Griveaux : parents of Alexandra de Taddeo are new revelations


Alexandra de Taddeo is she a victim or a culprit ? This is what attempting to determine investigators. In fact, she would be the recipient of the videos of a sexual nature attributed to Benjamin Griveaux. But according to her parents, she has simply been manipulated.

The race for mayor of Paris has stopped the net for Benjamin Griveaux. In the evening of Thursday, February 13, videos of a sexual nature, that are attributed to him but which have not been authenticated, were unveiled on the social networks. They show a man in a erection, masturbating in front of the camera. Images with multiple messages, without equivocation, that the former protégé of Emmanuel Macron would have sent to a mysterious young woman. This last is none other than Alexandra of Taddeo, a brilliant lawyer of 29 years. According to initial information, that would be the girlfriend of Piotr Pavlenski, which has claimed responsibility for the dissemination of the videos. It has as well been heard by the police and placed in custody for ” undermining the intimacy of private life “. According to his parents, with whom France Info was able to talk, ” she was not well “, prior to his interview with the investigators. But if these are still shaken by the matter that affects their daughter, they were bound to make a few clarifications on this subject.

Alexandra de Taddeo has she been manipulated ?

According to his parents, Alexandra de Taddeo would not really be in a relationship with Piotr Pavlenski, as has been repeated many times. “This is not her boyfriend official, it is a knowledge that has emerged recently in his life. “they with France Info. Besides, they don’t have a very high opinion of the one who had already been in trouble with the law for having set fire to the facade of the Bank of France. “This boy is not our cup of tea “, decree-they stating : “either she is unconscious, either it is done to manipulate. “The woman would have told the authorities not to have acted with the same motivations that the Russian artist of 35 years. “She explained that she was not on the political act as his companion, but rather on a personal line “, said a source close to the investigation in Paris. It would in fact be very ill-digested the behavior of the companion of Julia Minkowski, and would have acted by simple revenge. Remains to be seen what will determine the investigation…


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