Sextape of Benjamin Griveaux : the reaction of Jean-Marie Bigard risk of scandal

Jean-Marie Bigard has responded to the scandal videos intimate of Benjamin Griveaux. And as usual, the comedian has not done in lace by publishing a sequence where we see… totally naked.

If some wondered if Jean-Marie Bigard had political ambitions, the latest video released by the comedian on Twitter should answer the question. Censored by French Television because of its proximity with Marcel Campion, candidate for mayor of Paris, the husband of Lola Marois has responded to the new scandal that affects the political world. In the evening of Thursday, February 13, several videos very intimate attributed to Benjamin Griveaux appeared on the Canvas. This morning, it is the disarray in the camp of the candidate LREM to the municipal.

The political man of 42 years has announced he was withdrawing from the race for mayor of Paris, before expressing themselves in front of the cameras of BFMTV : “In regards to myself, I don’t want to expose us more, me and my family, when all shots are allowed. This goes too far. This is why I decided to withdraw my candidacy to the municipal election in paris. This decision cost me a lot but my priorities are very clear, this is first and foremost my family you’ll understand “. Benjamin Griveaux therefore wish first of all to protect his wife, Julia Minkowski, and their three children.

Jean-Marie Bigard publish an intimate video on Twitter

Because the videos where we see a man masturbate to react to the Canvas in the mass. Starting with Jean-Marie Bigard. The comedian known for his jokes below the belt has released in reaction to the scandal a video on Twitter, with the goal of making people laugh in his followers. ” I see that the campaign for municipal high still level. Now it balance the sextapes ? Bon bah I prefer to take the lead : here’s my cock “, thus wrote Jean-Marie Bigard in a tweet accompanied by a sequence where we see him running naked. The video is from his show animals, and men. He said : “don’t worry, I cut my hair since then.” Ribald humor of the companion of Lola Marois was a hit among his fans, one of them starts the same : “Bigard president ! “A candidate who has nothing to hide…

I see that the campaign for municipal high yet the level😂
Now it balance the sextape ?!

Bon bah I prefer to take the lead: Here’s my cock.

Do not worry, I cut my hair since.

— BIGARD “TRUE” (@JM_Bigard) February 14, 2020