Sexual violence in sport : Roxana Maracineanu, points out the “excesses” of some coaches

Former swimming champion Roxana Maracineanu is now at the head of the ministry of Sports. With a mission : to fight against sexual violence in federations. She even admits to having witnessed some of the “drifts”.

Roxana Maracineanu



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With A long silence, his book, published by Editions Plon, Sarah Abitbol has broken a taboo : that of sexual violence in the skating. Since then, many athletes outputs of silence to testify to assaults committed against them by their coaches or their entourage. But the case is not confined to the world of skating, it is all of the violence in the sports world, which has been updated. A subject taken to arm-the-body, hence, by Roxana Maracineanu, the minister of Sports. In an interview with Closer, the swimmer entrust receive “dozens” of reports per day for crimes of sexual violence in the world of sports.

Humiliation and violence

Roxana Maracineanu is itself a former great champion, silver medallist in swimming at the olympic Games in Sidney, 2000. When asked by Closer, she stresses, have been witness to some behaviors acceptable, without mention of sexual violence. “When you go several weeks in a work placement or competition in an open relationship with your coach which is inseparable from the performance, at a given time, there may be drifts“, she says. According to the minister of Sports, the relationship between a coach and his athlete are only subject to review by the performance prism, which is a problem. “We have all seen coaches who speak ill of their athletes, or even the humble front-facing camera, and magnifies it after the fact for it. Since it is a gold medal, he was necessarily right, it is a good manager. It is very disturbing, this impairment, as it can hide violence and much more serious”. Against which it must fight : in February last, in consequence of the revelations of Sarah Abitbol and a ‘convention’ on the subject, Roxana Maracineanu has announced the implementation of a national plan to combat sexual violence in sport.