Shakira returns to Barcelona to face legal issues


Shakira Unexpectedly Returns to Barcelona

Despite it being planned that Gerard Piqué would travel to Colombia last Friday to pick up his children and enjoy Milan and Sasha’s 15-day holiday period this month, Shakira made a last-minute decision and surprisingly returned to Barcelona two months after leaving for Miami and delivered the children to their father in person. This trip has caused all kinds of speculation, as the 20 suitcases she has brought to Spain seem to indicate that her plans involve staying here while the children are with their father.

Rumors of Something More Than Friendship

On the one hand, it has been said that the main reason for her unexpected return was to support Lewis Hamilton at the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix (held this Sunday at the Montmeló circuit and where the Colombian captured all the attention), thus reviving rumors that there might be something more than friendship between them. It is also speculated that Shakira wanted to be close to Milan and Sasha in case her children needed her during these days, although the theory that is gaining more strength as the hours go by is that she has taken advantage of the trip to meet with her lawyers and prepare for the trial that will face her against the Tax Agency next November.

The Trial Process

Accused of tax fraud of 14.5 million euros, the singer faces a possible prison sentence of 8 years and 2 months and a hefty fine of 23.8 million after refusing to reach an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office. Convinced of being able to prove her innocence, the Colombian will meet with her defense, headed by lawyer Pau Molins, to finalize the details of the strategy she will follow in the trial. Coinciding with Shakira’s return to Barcelona, a newspaper reveals an important news in the process: the Tax Agency has renounced 51 witnesses of the more than 140 initially proposed to testify in the trial, mostly acquaintances and neighbors of Shakira from the time when she lived with Gerard Piqué in the family home in Espluges de Llobregat, who will be spared from going to the courtroom. The magistrate in charge of the case, José Manuel del Amo, met several weeks ago with the Prosecutor’s Office, the Colombian’s defense and the State Legal Service to plan the trial. A meeting in which the judge suggested to all the parties to review the list of witnesses to consider if all were necessary or not to defend their thesis. Something that the Tax Agency has done, reducing the number proposed by 51. For the moment it is unknown if Shakira will be present during all the sessions of the trial (which will last approximately 20 days) or if, on the contrary, she will travel to Barcelona to appear during her declaration and on the final day, where she can exercise the right of last word, following the rest of the process by videoconference from Miami, where she installed last April.


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