Shannen Doherty brain metastasis: I have them in my brain, she says.


Shannen Doherty’s Strength in Battling Cancer

A powerful video showing her crying during radiotherapy: Shannen Doherty does not spare anything of her daily life with cancer for her Instagram followers, including the most difficult moments, those where strength is not enough. “The scan showed metastases in the brain,” the actress wrote in her latest post. “On January 12th I had my first cycle of radiation. My fear is evident. I’m claustrophobic and a lot is happening in my life. I’m lucky because I have great doctors… but that fear… the turmoil… the timing of all this. This is how cancer can look”.

The Actress’s Struggles with Cancer since 2015

Shannen Doherty has been suffering from cancer since 2015, when she was diagnosed with an advanced stage breast tumor, now in its fourth stage. This is not the first time that the American actress, famous for her role as Brenda Walsh in Beverly Hills 90210, has spoken about her health and told about the cruelest aspects of the disease, without sugar-coating anything, also to break the many taboos that still hang around the word cancer. Doherty has never hidden her fatigue, her fragility, her tears, but at the same time she has never lived the disease as a limit, also claiming the right to work. “I’m trying to live the best I can, I’d like to be an example at this moment,” she explained to Variety in 2021, aware that in some cases work is more than useful. “As an actor, people put you on the bench. They consider you too weak, unable, etc… Instead it is precisely work that revives you and renews the strength to defeat the unimaginable beast,” her words in an interview in 2017.

Doherty’s Tenacity and Will to Go On

Many things have changed since then. That “unimaginable beast” is giving its worst and for Shannen the divorce from her third husband Kurt Iswarienko, whom she had married in 2011, has arrived. However, the actress does not lose her tenacity and desire to go on, despite everything.


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