Shannen Doherty: Living with Cancer


Shannen Doherty’s Battle Against Cancer

Shannen Doherty, who is remembered as the charming and capricious Brenda Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210, has been fighting cancer for a long time, since 2015 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Recently, the tumor form has attacked the brain of the 42-year-old American actress, who documented her battle with an Instagram video, showing herself in the moments before undergoing surgery last January, while receiving instructions from health care providers for post-operative care.

Shannen Doherty’s Emotional Instagram Post

In the caption accompanying the video, Shannen Doherty writes: “January 16, 2023. Surgery department. I had a tumor on my head that they wanted to remove. I try to be brave, but I’m terrified. The fear I felt was overwhelming. The fear of all the possible negative outcomes, the worry of leaving my mother and the impact my death would have on her. Worried that after the surgery I would never be me again. This is living with cancer.” Fans have sent her messages of prayer and support, encouraging her with words of affection: “You are a true warrior, we are with you,” “I perfectly understand the paralyzing fear,” and “Thank you for showing the truth about cancer, thank you for being honest,” followers write to her on Instagram.

Support from Fans

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