Shatush biondo cold, as Michelle Hunziker, why choose it this summer

“…And then I would like shatush biondo cold Michelle Hunziker, thank you.” Are weeks that the receptionist of the Aldo Coppola salons to make appointments only with this request. The guilt (or the merit) is Roberto Farruggia artistic director for Go Coppola, and director of the Aldo Coppola atelier, march 22, in Milan, he created for the showgirl of the shades of color of the wheat”, as she likes to call them, “a middle path between the ash and the honey: if it was a little cold would not be so trendy in the summer months and do not declinerebbe so easily with all skin tones”.

And then there is another reason, says Farruggia, who has made a boost in the requests for this nuance: “it Is as if he had been born in the customers the desire to keep that clear light typical of the re-growth of white with which they have coexisted for a long time during the quarantine. Switch to a cold tone is a distortion of look, yes, but more aware than in the past”.

Like all the shatush signed Coppola this also confirms the technique of the lift partially done freehand, which is suitable for any shape of the face:”If we talk about a round face can give depth, remaining detached a few inches from the roots, and then lighten lengths and ends. In the case of a long face, instead, let’s lighten the side and then keep the shades on the lengths and tips,” continues Farruggia.

“I have to say that after the quarantine, I found the 70% of my clients with the hair reborn”, he adds, “and this has allowed me to bring forward their hair healthy by joining the shatush our Infusion Elements, a henna gloss is 100% natural, selected in the nuance “Everest” which shuts off the warm shades to enhance those blond ice”.

There is a cut then that enhances the shatush biondo cold: from the long climbed of the Hunziker to the helmet, a geometric or more paraded as such the trend of the summer of 2020. The important thing, stresses the Creative Director of Coppola, it is not wrong styling: “Absolutely disheveled and unstructured”.