“She is on her knees”: the picture in which Nicolas Sarkozy is taller than Carla Bruni unleashes the irony

The June 26 is released, the new book of Nicolas Sarkozy , entitled ‘the Passions’. The former President of the French Republic, he spoke in an interview with ‘Paris Match‘. Sin, however, that to capture the attention of readers, more than his words was the photo published on the cover. Sarkozy laying tenderly embracing his wife Carla Bruni. But there is something wrong.

Nicolas Sarkozy is tall 1,66 cm, Carla Bruni is high 1,75 cm

In the photo on the cover, Carla Bruni seems to be rather lower than her husband, French president Nicolas Sarkozy, while laying gently the head on his shoulder. The reality, as we all know, is quite different. The sessantaquattrenne is tall 1,66 cm, while the ex model has a height of 10 cm more than that of her husband. In public events, also, Carla Bruni is not a waiver almost never high heels and, therefore, not surprising that readers have noticed the strangeness. The barbs of irony are certainly not miss, and came from every part of the world. The meme that showed off Carla Bruni in the knee to take the picture or sitting with Sarkozy in the arm, have flooded Twitter. There are also those who, noting the sudden growth of the political, he asked,”But up to that age growing up in France?“.

After the memes and irony, the explanation of Paris Match

The rain of jokes, memes, and accusations of a massive recourse to photo-editing, has forced ‘Paris Match’ to issue a statement for clarification. As stated, there would have been no trick photography. Just as the political was on a step higher than that of the wife:

“Some people were surprised to see Nicolas Sarkozy, taller than his wife Carla Bruni. The photo that appears on the cover was taken in June on some of the steps that are out of the house in which it lives, the couple. In the photo chosen for the cover, Nicolas Sarkozy was on a step higher than the one of his wife“.