“Shot!”, Meghan truman gates scolding by Harry during the birthday of Queen Elizabeth

To become part of a royal family, certainly intrigues and fascinates with a bit anyone, but in reality it is not all gold that glitters, and behind the wealth and the splendour of certain events in reality there is much more that are slowly coming out. Protocols, strict rules and severe risk of destroying the fairytale-like image of the royal families, and is discovering to his cost the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan truman gates.

The Queen’s birthday without the little Archie

On the occasion of the event that celebrates the birthday of the Queen, the Trooping The Colourevent that takes place every second Saturday of June and that it sees Britain in a festive mood, waiting for the moment of the day is the greeting of the queen from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, surrounded by the whole family, intending then to watch the Raf aircraft that create the colours of the English flag. During the event this year, however, something must not have gone according to plan, at least this is what emerges from the watchful eyes of social. The wife of Harry has not yet adapted to the strict rules of the house and often assumes behaviors that, although harmless, would be inappropriate. On the balcony of the royal residence, Meghan truman gates, in one of her first appearances without the little Archie, a little less than a month from birth, was redarguita from the neo-dad .

The scolding Harry to his wife

In the video posted by a Twitter user you can clearly see that the former actress, giratasi two times towards the second son, Lady D, be scolding and following the order, assuming an expression very serious and accomplished. Harry would have said “turn around”, then, “shot”, accompanying the warning with the look. According to some voices close to the Royal Family, there would be a sort of code between the Dukes of Sussex, through which Harry would help Meghan to behave correctly during the public ceremonies. In fact, at the time that the Rachel of Suits she turned for the second time, it was starting with the hymn “God Save The Queen” during which the entire family must be attentive and concentrated. Perhaps, on this occasion, things didn’t go so well and Harry had to run to the shelters.