Show Onestini Big Brother, Gianmarco weeping, and Luca is likely to be kicked out

The brothers Onestini have participated in two different editions of Big Brother in Italy, but it was the Spain to record their best performance. Happened to Gran Hermano Vip, the edition, the iberian of the reality to which the youngest of the brothers Onestini has participated. Gianmarco has been deleted in the course of the episode that aired yesterday in the dissent-general. The public has not forgiven the fact of having been linked to Adara Molinero, Spanish model, already married and a mother of a child of just 6 months. Come out to the wrath of the people, Gianmarco suddenly found himself in the studio in front of the conductor, Jorge Javier Vázquez, and the mother of Adara, which have asked the account of its attitudes. “You’re in love with my daughter?” he asked the woman, snatching a yes to the competitor in obvious difficulty.

GIANMARCO ONESTINI AL GF VIP SPANISH UNDER INDICTMENT FOR HAVING FLIRTED WITH A COMPETITOR’s MARRIED to THE BROTHER LUKE gets UP TO DEFEND it @lucaonestini_11 @gianmarco.onestini 😬😬😬 #gianmarcoonestini #lucaonestini #gfvip #ghvip #noisiamotrash #ued #UominieDonne

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Luca Onestini removes the word to the conductor, and

When she saw her brother on the verge of tears, Onestini has decided to intervene and, sitting at the side of the stage, has reached Gianmarco and embraced him. Moved by the support, the youngest of the brothers Onestini is dissolved in tears , and Luke has reprimanded the conductor for having brought trouble on incalzandolo with questions, which would not have been physically able to respond in that situation: “excuse me, you’re not cute with him. You forced, is my brother, and I cannot see as well. Not I can deal with as well. You could see it was clear that he liked it, but you have to have respect for him. Don’t you see how she is? Porca pu***na! You said that he likes and then? I ask you to respect my brother if you let it. You listen, but you met my brother. […] I still know things that you don’t know, soon I’ll tell her. […] You have to finish it, it looks like a Police interrogation”.

Onestini is likely to be expelled from the study

The conductor Jordi González, registered the tone of Onestini, and the fact that she was so upset, he has threatened to do so away from the studio if they had not calmed down: “If you continue I will have you expelled from the studio.” Luke has not decomposed and has replied to, explaining that, if he had been forced to usciera, he brought with him the brother: “If I whip it out, I’ll go with my brother. Stick to it”.