Sia’s autism diagnosis: freedom at last


The Diagnosis of Autism

Sia, 47, has received a diagnosis of autism that, surprisingly, has made her feel free and herself like never before. The Australian singer, the voice of top hits like Unstoppable, Snowman and Cheap Thrills, spoke about it last Thursday, May 26, when she was invited as a guest on Rob Has a Podcast by Rob Cesternino.

The Unexpected Sense of Liberation

Sia, who recently married her fiancé Dan Bernard with a ceremony reserved for a few close friends in beautiful Portofino, said she received the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder for the first time two years ago. This resulted in an unexpected sense of liberation, for the fact of having finally understood and accepted every side of herself. Sia explained her feelings after the autism diagnosis this way: “For 45 years I felt like I had to wear a human costume, a mask. Only in the last 2 years I have become fully myself. No one can know or love you when you are full of secrets and live in a sense of shame. Only when we finally sit in a room full of strangers and tell them our deepest, darkest and most shameful secrets, and everyone laughs with us, and we don’t feel like garbage for the first time in our life, then we feel seen for the first time in our life for what we really are, we can start to go out into the world and simply operate as human beings. With heart and without pretending to be different from ourselves”.

Breaking Taboos

It does not seem to be a coincidence that the film Music, written, directed and produced by Sia, released in 2021, was focused on the story of an autistic girl. However things have gone, today Sia feels free and surely her words will break some taboos and will be of help to those who live with less serenity their autism disorder.


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