Silvia See, are pregnant, back to talk about Fabrizio Corona: “For him I feel sadness”

Silvia Furnish, guest Saturday, February 15, at True, is speaking out for the first time in the tv of her maternity, and exclusive reveals the sex of the future firstborn that will be born in June: “I Was convintissima was a boy, instead it heralds the arrival of a little girl very full of energy. It will be a Donatella worthy heir to the two sisters and this will have a mom a little crazy! (laughs, ndr)”.

The singer is not in the skin by the joy and Silvia University said: “For the first time, I’m thinking only and only to my present and my future. In the past I have actually put aside, but without forget it. My best hope is to be able to have it with my mate, confidence, happiness, and union. I found a person that I has captured the heart, a man who gave me back the sun”. He is George de Stefano, an entrepreneur from calabria who manages a local in Milan, which is linked to from a couple of years.

Silvia’s See about Fabrizio Corona

Looking at the past, about the history I had with Fabrizio Corona, Silvia confides: “For Fabrizio I feel a bit of sadness, I wish him serenity in his future, and especially for his son. I do not regret anything of what I did, I would go on television to defend him, but I’m happy that my life has evolved positively. Sometimes to do good you don’t do this to yourself.” No regrets, therefore, for the time past, the king of the paparazzi. The inevitable next to Fabrizio, also when he ended up in jail, all that he has done Sivlia was the fruit of love.