Silvia Steps to get pregnant: “The child has not been tried, we have already chosen the name”

Silvia See is pregnant for the first time. The twin brunette of Donatella after the end of a turbulent story with Fabrizio Corona has found love with the entrepreneur Giorgio De Stefano. The weekly magazine Chi, who had proclaimed the sweet anticipation of the former gieffina and published the first photos of Silvia with the baby bump, she also collected some of his statements, in which the Measure has told of her joy while accepting that the pregnancy was not planned.

In June I will be a mother, for the happiness of my whole family and my mate. This child we have not sought, but arrived because it is the fruit of a great love.

Silvia See Giorgio and Stefano have chosen the name of the baby

The sex of the baby would not be yet known, but the couple is already very close to choose the name of the unborn child or the unborn: “We are still discussing this aspect, let’s say that at the moment the names are in pole position are two. If you will be male it will be called Andrea, if you will be female, instead, Blessed. The sex I want to discover it with calm and I will make with my parents in Milan”.

The idea of marriage

The Measure has finally admitted that the wedding is not a short-term project. Now that is about to become a mother, however, does not exclude the idea of going to the altar: “I was never interested in the marriage, even if, now that I am pregnant, I changed my perspective and I consider it to be more sweet. But we take time to work.

Who is Giorgio Di Stefano

For a long time, the identity of Giorgio Di Stefano has remained a secret. Silvia Steps to the has known before participating in the Big Brother Vip 2019, but for several months he spoke to him, calling him simply with the name of “Malefix”. Then, have emerged for more details: George is a businessman of the origins of calabria, away from the world of the show and owner of the restaurant Gold in Milan.