Silvia Steps to get pregnant: “This son is the fruit of a great love. We have already chosen the name”


Silvia Furnish is pregnant with her first child. To give for the first the news yet reserved has been the weekly Who a few weeks ago, the same one that today brings in exclusive the first declarations of the future mother.

After the end of a turbulent story with Fabrizio Corona, the twin of the duo ‘Le Donatella’ has found love with the entrepreneur Giorgio De Stefano, the ‘Malefix’ that circulated as mysterious boyfriend at the time of his stay in the house of Big Brother Vip. Of their love and of the child (or baby?) who will be born in the summer, Silvia has talked about in the interview that reports accompanying the first photo with the baby bump: “In June I will be a mother, for the happiness of my whole family and my mate. This child we have not sought, but arrived because it is the fruit of a great love,” explained the singer.

Silvia See Giorgio and Stefano have chosen the name of the baby

If it will be a boy or a girl, do not know yet, but in the meantime, the couple has already prepared the names for any eventuality: “We are still discussing this aspect, let’s say that at the moment the names are in pole position are two. If you will be male it will be called Andrea, if you will be female, instead, Blessed. The sex I want to discover it with calm and I will make with my parents in Milan”.

As to the marriage with George De Stefano, an entrepreneur from calabria who runs a well known restaurant in Milan, which is linked to about two years ago, Silvia Furnish explained that the big step is not in the programs forthcoming, but not excluded in the light of the birth of their first child: “I was never interested in the marriage, even if, now that I am pregnant, I changed my perspective and I consider it to be more sweet. But we take time to work.


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